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The single number eight "Feels Like" has been released September 16 2020

What's it all about? Is it all written down? It's a matter of faith, and it feels like home, and it feels like change.


The seventh single "Keep It Up" has been released September 4 2020

A song about looking back and keeping on.


The sixth single "Solid Ground" has been released on July 24 2020


The fifth single "Move On" has been released June 25 2020

Created spontaneously at a sunny Saturday at my home studio near Basel. Bastiaan Ruitenbeek added some guitars and did the final mixdown near Edinburgh.


The fourth single "Hidden Tree" has been released June 9 2020

Written in the early 2019, this song is all about one world for all: close your eyes to see, all is one for real.
The guitar solo was played by Bastiaan Ruitenbeek, he also did the final mixdown.


The third single "Gonna Mark That Place" has been released on April 3 2020

This song is dedicated to Rita, living with me since 1984. It was a hot summer day...


The second single "Boblift" has been released on Nov 12 2019

Inspired by the rhythmic sound coming from a tobogan run lift in the austrian alps, you can even hear the original noise in the background of the song. Created in one day, just for fun.


The very first single "Sing Me Slow Like" has been released on Oct 10 2019

Perhaps the first song I published will always be one of my personal top favourites. Of course this original mixdown lacks clarity, but we all have to learn...
I promise you, there will be the day for a professional retake for this very first one.



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